Monday, May 2, 2011

There is a Price to Pay

This weekend I was completely and totally lazy. I had a list of things to work on, and beyond getting out a couple of times to visit with friends, did I do any of them? No. I spend the entire weekend glued to my computer playing Star Trek Online, since it was double experience point weekend in the game. I managed to get my character from Commander to Captain in that time, but that was about it.

Normally I justify my lazy days. We all need days where we just veg and don't think about life. Our lives get so hectic and stressful that without these days we would just collapse into a quivering pile of goo. So I don't think you should feel guilty about having lazy days. However, as I am currently unemployed and not really busy during the week, I don't know that I really needed to be that lazy.

Regardless, the damage was done. And as nice as it was to be lazy those two days, I had a price to pay for it today. Since I didn't get anything I needed to done during the weekend, today was spent scrambling to clean the apartment before the inspection people came, get caught up on emails, get rent ready and paid for, put away laundry, and get my homework for writing class tomorrow done.

Procrastination is great until you run out of time.

I also squeezed a trip to Target in there so I could pick up some curtains for the bedroom. Our cat Pumpkin loves to play with the blinds at 4am in the morning, so we are putting curtains up so he won't be able to anymore.

And one final comment before I go. This weekend, beyond being a lazy weekend, was simply gorgeous. Yesterday it got up to around 65 and it was sunny and beautiful. Normally I am not a sun person. I like it overcast. But after so many gray days it is nice to have a bit of sun. Of course it is back to overcast and rainy today. This is the Pacific Northwest after all. We can't over do it with the sun.

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