Sunday, May 22, 2011

Desk Renovation

This weekend has been a super busy weekend, which is not what I had thought it would be. More on the weekend later though.

Saturday was taken up with the Desk Renovation project. I had thought it would take a couple of hours in the morning. I was very wrong. We started around 9am. This is what the desk looked like:

I set to work cleaning everything off and moving the computer components into the living room. That took a good thirty minutes after which both the BF and I moved the hutch portion of the desk off and into the living room. We moved the shelves into the computer room and moved the desk and began marking on the wall where we wanted to install the shelves. Once we got it marked out we removed the wrapping on the first shelf and laid out all the needed bits. That is when we discovered that Ikea, in their infinite wisdom, decided not to include the screws needed to secure the shelf to the wall.


So we quickly got ready and loaded up and headed to Lowes. By the time we got there it was already 11:15am. The BF conferred with a Lowes employee to deteremine what screws we needed, then we paid for them and left. We ran by Wendys on the way home for nummy fuds, and got home around 12pm. The BF had to leave by 12:30, 12:45 because he was going to help friends with some yard work, so we quickly stuffed our bellys with our food and set to work. By 12:50pm he had both shelves up, but they were not fully screwed into their supports. He left and I set to work finishing the screwing.

Now I freely admit I am not one for manual labor, so it was probably 1:15pm before I finished with the screwing. My hands and shoulders were throbbing from the effort, so I paused to take a quick break. After about 15 minutes I went back to work. I vacuumed around the desk, dusted off the computer, dusted off the desk, moved the desk back into position, reassembled the computer, and slowly began loading the desk and shelves back up with stuff. I finished at 3pm and this is the result:

I am very happy with the way it turned out. I think it looks very crisp and clean. However, it took far longer to accomplish than I anticipated. I blame myself for that. By trying to be cute and calling it a "renovation", I ensured that it would take longer than expected and cost more too, since we had to buy screws. I mean, what renovation do you know of that ended on time and came in on budget?

So that was my desk renovation. Like I said I am very happy and am enjoying my desk space a lot more.

More about the weekend tomorrow!

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