Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm still experimenting with where I prefer to do my writing in the apartment. It may seem to be an easy decision, but it is actually more complex than you might imagine.

For example, we have the keyboard issue. My laptop keyboard is softer, and made of a metal finish. It is quite easy to press down on the keys and makes a particular clicking sound when I type. In contrast, my desktop keyboard is harder and made of plastic. I am required to exert more pressure to press down on the keys of the desktop keyboard and they make a more obtrusive noise when I press them. Based on those issues I prefer my laptop keyboard, however the desktop keyboard is wider, which means my hands fit on it better.

Then there is location issue. My desktop is located in our computer room, which is a somewhat small room. There are only two small windows in the room, which means less light. And while I am planning a desk renovation coming up, currently my desk is a mess and not very pleasant to sit at. By contrast, the laptop sits in the living room, which is wide and open. It is located next to a huge window with lots of light, but not enough to cause problems seeing the screen. However I often find the huge window a distraction and as I've noted before, having the giant TV staring at me from where I sit gets distracting.

Then there is the cat issue. The cats like to bother me from time to time during the day, either asking for love or attention or both. When at my desk this means them jumping up on it, trying to lay on my keyboard, smacking me in the face with their tails, or meowing right in my face. When at my laptop in the living room, however, I can manage them a little better by pushing them off to lay on my legs on the ottoman or pushing them to an arm of my chair. Much easier to deal with them in the living room, though it should be noted that I think they bother me more when I am in the living room.

And yes, I have been accused of over thinking things before.

So now you see my dilemma. Or perhaps you don't. If that is the case, then maybe you see how my brain normally works through issues and can get a sense of how I function. Every angle is considered and processed before a decision can be reached.

And yes, I know full well that I am crazy.


  1. I would use the living room if I was you. I prefer the living room despite my dog staring at me and always wanting to lay her head in my lap. Like you said its better light and easier to arrange the animals into different areas so that you can work. I hope you find your perfect spot. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks! I'm sticking with the living room for now, though after I do my desk renovation I may change it up a bit. I'm sure I'll talk about it further once the changes get made.