Monday, May 30, 2011

It is Done

My WoW subscription is officially cancelled. I went ahead and did one post about this already, so I won't rehash the whole thing. I just wanted to say that I finally went ahead and bit the bullet. I'm sure I'll come back to WoW one day, if for no other reason that curiousity. But for now I am done. It is time to move beyond the game.

Being unemployed and having limited money can be hard. It didn't really hit me how limiting it was until today. The BF and I went out and did a little shopping today and while there were several things I wanted to go, I realized that I couldn't really buy whatever I wanted. I really had to limit myself and what I purchased. I've been doing that already, but today was the first time I cam across something that I did really want that I couldn't really afford to get.

It was really a downer.

Overall I think this experience has been good for me. I have always been both an impulsive and compulsive shopper. I have a tendency to just snap something up when I see it and want it and I feel the need to go shopping and buy something on a regular basis. Neither aspect is good. And being unemployed is helping me to curb those twice desires. But it isn't easy.

No words of wisdom today. I don't know if I ever have any words of wisdom actually. Just some blah words for a blah day.

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