Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vacation Time

Well, it isn't vacation time for me, but for several people in my life.

The BF left today on a week long trip to China. It is a trip funded by his school and part of it will be spent at their sister school in China doing cooking demonstrations. So it isn't a full on, total relaxation vacation, but they will have several days where all they are doing is sightseeing, so it is close enough. This is also the first time in our relationship where he is going somewhere and I am stuck at home. Normally it is me traveling to visit my family while he is left to babysit the kitties.

Friday my parents leave on a two week vacation visiting the Northeast. Their main reason for going is to ride their motorcycle in the last few states up there they haven't yet. Their goal is to ride their motorcycle in all 50 states, though I don't see them ever getting Hawaii. They did Alaska already, but Hawaii is much harder to get to. I think this also marks the first time in 2 or 3 years that I will not be flying out to spend part of their vacation with them. They like to see me at least twice a year, but with the economy and the price of airline tickets going up, it is getting harder and harder to achieve that.

I am feeling somewhat mixed emotions about all of this. I like traveling. I like visiting new locations and doing the touristy stuff. However, being unemployed means I simply can't travel anywhere right now. I don't have the money. So that means no vacation for me. I get to sit at home while these other people are getting to travel somewhere new. And while I would never begrudge my loved ones their trips, sitting at home alone is boring. And lonely.

On the upside though I have a jam-packed next few days. I have an information session about the new school program I am getting started on, a house-warming party to go to, a gathering of friends on Sunday, and my first class on next Tuesday. Yay for stuff happening!

Still not quite as good as going to China though.

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