Saturday, June 11, 2011

Science Fiction or Fantasy

Random thoughts today folks.

Typically the phrase is Science Fiction AND Fantasy, but most of the time I consider the two fairly separate. The two often share common themes and plots (Hero out to save the world/universe) and it could be argued that Sci/fi is just as fantastical as Fantasy. However, there are striking differences in the two. One is often set in the future, and concerns space travel or some high technology. The other is often set in a medieval setting and most often features magic and/or swordplay.

In the past I have often found myself gravitating towards fantasy. I've always loved the idea of waving my hands and shooting fireballs at people. I like the ideas of riding around on horses and men in spectacular suits of armor and dragons and elves and all that jazz. Science fiction tends to focus on the science and as such there worlds are more grounded in rules and laws. Fantasy worlds have always felt more wild and free, where you can get away with just about anything and call it "magic".

And yet, here lately I have found myself drawn to more science fiction stories in my writing. I blame part of it on the fact that most of the video games I'm playing now are Sci/fi. I'm in Star Trek Online and Mass Effect 2 and how could you not be daydreaming sci/fi after zooming around the galaxy in a starship. Yet I've often struggled when writing sci/fi. I have trouble visualizing what future tech will look like. Half of the inventions we have currently to me look futuristic and strange. And I struggle with the science of it all. I don't want to write a story that is full of bad science.

This has all come up because I have two stories circling in my head. The Sci/fi one is more developed in terms of plot and is on the forefront. The Fantasy one only really has a beginning and I haven't fleshed it out like I need to. I think I should start the Sci/fi one, but I find myself hesitating.

And writing all this down has helped me figure out why. Which is the whole point. I'm sure my wonderful readers like to think this blog is for them, but really it just a way for me to get my thoughts out and help make sense of them. Sorry.

So today is a day to get back to work. I've slacked all week for various reasons but it is time to put that aside and dive back in. Tally ho!

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