Monday, June 6, 2011


I was unbearably lazy this weekend. It was one of those rare weekends in Seattle where the sun is out and shining bright and the temperature was above 70. We opened all the windows in the apartment and there was enough breeze to make the heat tolerable. There was something so good about the sun on my skin I just wanted to roll around in it. It is rare for me to enjoy the sun, being more of a darkness kind of guy, but I do have those days when I just love it.

Saturday we went out with a group of friends to a local park and enjoyed the weather. We went to St. Edward's park, which is near a local college. I had never been before and found the park nice. It wasn't the best park I've been to, but the grass was soft and green and there was plenty of shade so I didn't turn beet red. What more could you ask for? Getting to the park was a bit of a nightmare, as the local college was having a festival so parking was nonexistent. But it all worked out and it was a delightful day.

Sunday I mainly sat by the open window and played on the computer. I had several other projects I could have worked on, but no, all I did was play games. It was relaxing. The BF had a school project that took up most of his day. And he baked a cake which we took over to a friend's place for our weekly Game of Thrones episode. I truly love that show. It was a good night with good friends.

Today I need to get some work done. I told my mother that I would send her a short story I did for class, which means I need to actually get one revised and ready to go. Revision is harder than you'd think. Often times it is more than just changing words and cleaning up sentences. The story I am working on now needs some structural work, and I am not convinced I won't have to completely re-write the whole thing. But this is part of learning and part of becoming a better writer, which I want to be. So I just need to knuckle down and do it.

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