Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Day in Paradise

My title today is meant to be ironic. Currently it is 48 degrees out, with the sky completely overcast and a gentle rain spitting down from the clouds. I love the rain and I love when it is overcast. The weather out here is actually one of the reasons I moved to the Pacific Northwest. However, even with my peculiarities, I would not call what it is doing outside paradise.

Last week was a pretty busy week by my new lax standards. On Thursday I went to a workshop at the local WorkSource office on discovering my personality color, with hopes that this might give me some insight on what kind of job I should be pursuing. I was unsurprised by the result I got. My primary color, as it is called, is green, meaning I am a highly analytical person who spends most of my time thinking about things, perhaps over thinking things, who prefers to work on projects by myself and who has a tendency to be critical of others. Definitely spot on. The three most important things I think I got out of the workshop though was the list of jobs a green person should look for and the natural talents a green person possesses. I also got validation that my previous job was a mistake on my part and I should definitely never go into that field again, because I would not be happy.

I hate hindsight.

Friday is gaming night. The BF and I went over to some friends' house to play a pen and paper game, in what is perhaps the only real socializing I get to do in a week. I will admit I look forward to Fridays more and more each week. Saturday we also went out with them and then went back to two friends' house to hang out and play Rock Band. Saturday was the happiest I think I've been since my actual layoff day. (I was thrilled to be laid off, however the stress that has followed that moment I have not enjoyed at all). These two people are just amazingly great people and it was very relaxing and calming to just be hanging out with them, talking and having a great time. That afternoon was the first event in a while that made me really want to fully commit to staying in Seattle.

Sunday was Easter, which is a big holiday for the BF's mother, so we were over visiting with her and her husband all day. It was very nice and relaxing, filled with a lot of good food and a couple of good movies. After that we went to my friend Tara's for Game of Thrones, which is turning out to be a stellar TV show.

And that was my busy weekend. This coming week also promises to have events galore. I start my writing class tomorrow (more to follow) which I am beyond excited about. Friday Michael *may* be leaving to visit family in California. And Saturday and Sunday we have two different social engagements that I may end up going to alone.

Pretend I signed off with something witty. I don't really have anything right now.

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  1. You're making me tear up with all your nice words! I had a great time with you guys too. Can't wait for class tomorrow!