Thursday, August 18, 2011

At a Loss

Yesterday was the last day of my parents visit. Today is the first day I've had mostly to myself since they arrived, and I am finding myself at a bit of a loss for something to do.

This visit with the folks was great. They arrived last Thursday and over the next week we did a great many things. We ate out at some great restaurants, we went to the Point Defiance Zoo, we went to the Renaissance Faire, we went on an Underground Tour of Seattle and walked around downtown. We did a lot, and that is not even counting seeing Les Mis, which they didn't see with the BF and I, or the party the BF and I went to. I have been running around like mad the past week and yet now, with the parents gone and the BF at work, I'm just sitting here going "Well, what next?"

And the problem is not that I don't have things to do. I have a long list of projects and tasks that need to be completed. I just keep waiting for someone to pop up and for us to go off on some trip.

Sitting around at home is going to feel weird for a couple of days after all the activity.

And I will miss having the folks around. Normally after a visit I'm 1,000% ready to get away and get some time to myself. Whenever we travel in their motor home or I visit them in my hometown I'm surrounded by them 24/7. They are there when I wake up and I'm around them until I go to sleep. But this trip they were staying in a campground 30 minutes away from the apartment, so at nights and in the mornings I had a couple of hours time without them around. And just that little buffer made things so much more relaxed and nice. I actually would have been fine with them hanging around a little longer.

I suppose that was my vacation for the year. Now I have to reorient myself and get back to the grind of job hunting and whatnot. Blech. Can I go back to the zoo instead?

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